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Character: Brian
Created by: Jim Leonard
Directed by: Russell Mulcahy
Written by: Jim Leonard
Episodes: 1x01
Original airdate: October 20, 2003
Episode title: Pilot
Genre: Drama
Running time: 44 minutes

Skin is a television serial drama which aired at 9:00 p.m. Monday on Fox in 2003. It followed the tale of two teenagers who came from feuding families on opposite sides of the moral and legal spectrum. Adam (D.J. Cotrona) is the son of the Los Angeles District Attorney, and Jewel (Olivia Wilde) is the daughter of a pornographer. The show is a modern-day take on the Romeo and Juliet story. Even after an incredible amount of advertising, the show was cancelled after only three episodes due to poor ratings and less than favorable reviews. It was reprieved in 2005, when SOAPnet acquired broadcasting rights to all eight episodes and aired the last five episodes for the first time.


Two mismatched teens fall in love with each other despite the family feud between their fathers, one a pornographer, the other a district attorney, trying to bring each other down.

episode info:

Jewel and Adam, although from highly different worlds, meet and fall in love. Even though their fathers are trying to bring the other down, the couple profess their love to each other and continue dating.