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The Newcomers

Character: Judd
Directed by: James Allen Bradley
Written by: Tony Jiti Gill, Garrett Clancy
Release date: 2000
Genre: Drama, Family
Running time: 1h 30 minutes

The Newcomers is a 2000 American family drama film directed by James Allen Bradley and starring Christopher McCoy, Kate Bosworth, Paul Dano and Chris Evans. Christopher McCoy plays Sam Docherty, a boy who moves to Vermont with his family, hoping to make a fresh start away from the city. It was filmed in Vermont and released by Artist View Entertainment and MTI Home Video.


A Boston family decides to move to the country and begin a new life after their young son, Sam, is threatened by bullies. When the Docherty family reaches their new home, things aren’t much better. The father, Gary, learns the job he has been promised has been given to a local, and there is a general dislike by the townspeople of the new city folk. Sam adopts a dog and the daughter Courtney finds a new boyfriend, Judd. Things improve for the family, but it is not until Sam commits a daring act of bravery that the Docherty family is finally accepted in their new community.


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